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20th Annual Spelling Bee 

20th Annual Community Spelling Bee: on hold

Although we would like to hold our Annual Community Spelling Bee, it is currently still on hold. The Spelling Bee was our annual  "Friends of the Foundation Operating Fund" (FOFOF) fundraiser.  If you would like to donate to FOFOF, please click on the Donate button below. 

2022 Annual Appeal letter
- Thank you!!

DONATE USING PAYPAL or Credit/Debit Card

The “Donate” button below is a link to the PayPal website where donations can be made directly to Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation, whether or not you have a PayPal account.

​Please include the purpose of the donation so we can credit it to the proper account or if it is a donation to the Friends of the Foundation Operating Fund, you make use “FOFOF”. 

​*Please note PayPal deducts a 1.99% fee plus 49 cents from the donation for this service using PayPal or a credit card.  Please add this amount to your donation for full donation amount.

You are always welcome to mail a check directly to Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation.                                       

Thank you!

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