Screening Process:

Each application is screened on the basis of financial need, extra-curricular activities, scholastic rating, the student’s career goals, and plans for college. We ensure a conscientious, confidential, and fair assessment of each application.


Amount of Awards:

In general, award amounts are determined by the rating given by the screening committee, based on the need of the applicant and the quality of the application.


Notification & Disbursement of Funds:

Most graduating high school students are notified at their school’s award night or graduation ceremony. All recipients are notified by the end of June. Scholarship recipients receive a College Certification and Request for Disbursement from, which must be completed by their college. Upon receipt of the completed form, LRSF forwards a check to the college, to be applied to the student’s account and disbursed as half for each semester. Students receiving awards of $500 or less may be reimbursed directly by sending LRSF validation, such as copy of cancelled checks or receipts, that college-related expenses have been paid.




Chris Guilmett LRSF Assistant Director, Joan Frates LRSF President, Alaina Nedeau 1st Place, Karen Thorndike, Chuck Thorndike

Saje Merrill Honorable Mention, Danielle Giardini 3rd place, Alaina Nedeau 1st place, Ella Irving 2nd place, Meghan Hodge Honorable Mention

Annalee Art Comp 3.jpg

In the spring of each year, LRSF sponsors an art competition to determine the winners of the Annalee Thorndike Art Award. Students wishing to participate should submit the art competition entry form, and a LRSF application if they wish to qualify for other funds administered by the Foundation, by email to:  Click Here for a copy of the Annalee Art Competition Application.

The Annalee Thorndike scholarships are awarded based on the merit of the student’s art work. Winners are determined by a three-person panel of judges.


Graduating high school students, who are Lakes Region/Belknap County residents, and who will be attending college as art majors, or some related fields such as graphic design, are eligible to apply.


Students must submit a blended portfolio that is comprised of five (5) original works for art; drawings, painting, collage and print form and now they may also submit (but not exclusively) photography, digital art forms and 3D works. A personal sketchbook and an artist statement is also required. While not required, paintings may be framed or matted.



Check back in early January 2023 for the 2023-2024 school year application. 
In the meantime you should begin working on your FAFSA now!


  • Graduates of Laconia High School, Gilford High School, or Belmont High School in New Hampshire

  • Legal residents of Laconia, Gilford, or Belmont, New Hampshire

  • Students in surrounding towns and schools may qualify for a specific donor preference or requirement; some local clubs and civic organizations offer awards to members regardless of high school or residency requirements

  • Only one application is necessary to apply for all the scholarship funds administered by the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation.   However there are a few scholarships listed below that are exceptions.


The Application deadline for the 2022 - 2023 academic year has passed and is now closed. 

The following must be included in order for your LRSF application to be considered complete.


Application Checklist:

     1. Completed LRSF Application

     2. FAFSA Student Aid Report

     3. Transcript of Grades (must include your Grade Point Average (GPA), name of school and your name)

     4. Community Activities

     5. Essay


Unless all checklist items are received, your application will not be considered a completed application packet.  All materials must be submitted by the deadline date.  Late submissions will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.  You are responsible for the timely receipt of any documents.

Completed qualified application packets (with all required documents) that we received by March 1, 2022, were entered into a special bonus award raffle!

Email your completed application packets, in a pdf. format, to LRSF.  

How do I view my Student Aid Report (SAR)?

Please note!  Before submitting your essay, make sure it meets the following:

1. You have chosen the correct essay prompt.

2. Your essay is approximately 300 words, typewritten.

3. Your essay should contain content that responds to the writing prompt.   

4. Your essay should show evidence that time and thought went into the response. 

5. Your essay should be grammatically sound with no spelling errors.


FAFSA determines your eligibility for:


  • Federal need-based grants, including the Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)

  • Subsidized federal student loans

  • Unsubsidized federal student loans (which most students quality for)

  • Federal work-study

  • Some state-based financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and loans

  • School-based financial aid, including need-based grants and scholarships

  • School-based merit aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) filing for the 2023 – 2024 school year starts October 1st!  The FAFSA is one of the most important documents you will fill out during your college career.

                                                     Click here to get started with your FAFSA!

The Ruth A. and Leonard A. Stockwell Scholarship is available to graduating high school senior, who is also a resident of Gilmanton.


To qualify for this scholarship, students must submit a cover sheet, essay and LRSF application by April 1st.


In a one-page typed composition, describe what it means to you to be an American and to live in the United States.

Learn more about The Ruth A. and Leonard A. Stockwell Scholarship


Tiny House 2019.png

Lakes Region Builders and Remodelers Association offers scholarship awards for students considering a future in one of the following careers, with plans to further his/her education beyond high school: Carpentry, Construction Management, Interior Design, Electrical, Construction Excavation, Plumbing, Architecture, Structural Management, HVAC, Drafting, Landscape Architecture, Landscaping. Separately, they also offer a Golden Hammer Award for tools of the trade.


Klaus Biemann Science Scholarship is open to students who live in Alton or Barnstead and attend Prospect Mountain High School.  Students applying for this scholarship must intend to major in one of the following in a four-year college: chemistry biology, biochemistry, physics or a related major (for example, marine biology or biophysics.) 

To qualify, students must submit cover sheet, special essay, a letter of recommendation and a completed LRSF application by April 1.

Learn more about Klaus Biemann here