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A HUGE Thank you to our Donors! 


This year through the generosity of 300 donors, $811,600.00 dollars was awarded to 343 recipients.


From 1956-2024, LRSF over 10 million dollars has been awarded to more than 6,270 recipients from over 650 donor funds.  

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Chris Guilmett (c) Assistant Director of Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation help Paula Gilman (l) and Laura Lynn Morrissey (r) with their selections for the Lucille Hawkins Gilman Memorial Scholarship during Donors Week. 

Keith Murray (l) and Kara Murray (r) indicate their selections for the Lt. David J & Carol I Murray Memorial Scholarship to Chris Guilmett (c) Assistant Director of Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation

Anniversary Donors

2024 Mid-Year Newsletter

2024 Anniversaries Newsletter

2023 Year-End Newsletter

Thank You Notes!

There are many ways in which to donate to our foundation.
Click here for the fee schedule and options in which to donate.


We recognize and applaud the generosity and dedication of our donors in helping Lakes Region students continue their education and fulfill their career goals.

The donors deserve the credit for making it happen!


Click here to view a list of current donor funds administered by LRSF


Please note: Most awards are restricted to residents of Laconia, Gilford, and Belmont and/or graduates of Laconia High School, Gilford High School and Belmont High School.

Donor Guidelines

Qualified Charitable Distribution

Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization, eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.

Click here for more information on an IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution.

Contact us at 603-527-3533 for more details.

Lakes Region Rotary


The primary focus of the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation is to generate more dollars for scholarships. However, meeting operating costs is an annual challenge. Help us raise those funds by giving to the Friends of the Foundation Operating Fund, which specifically raises endowment funds earmarked to cover operating costs.

A drop in the bucket…

People often say they would like to help, but they can only afford to give a drop in the bucket compared to our needs. We believe that every drop counts. In appreciation, we acknowledge all contributions, great and small, by name of donor, memorial fund, or anonymously, according to your wishes. With your donation, we’ll have

… a bucketful of support.

Through your support, you perpetuate the mission of the Lakes Region Scholarship – the promotion and encouragement of scholarships and opportunities for higher education among residents of the Lakes Region – making your contribution a vital part of every scholarship awarded.

Can you spare a drop?


The “Donate” button below is a link to the PayPal website where donations can be made directly to Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation, whether or not you have a PayPal account. 

You are welcome to use a credit card payment at this link as well.

Please include the purpose of the donation so we can credit it to the proper account. Here you can enter the name of the fund you wish to donate to, or if it is a donation to the Friends of the Foundation Operating Fund, you may use “FOFOF”. The donation amount may also be split between different funds or a fund and FOFOF by indicating the amount of each in the “Purpose” section.

*Please note PayPal deducts a 1.99% fee plus 49 cents from the donation for this service using PayPal or a credit card.  Please add this amount for the full donation - thank you.

You are always welcome to mail a check directly to Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation.

Thank you!

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